Welcome to our website!  We are the Will Geiseman family and we are excited to serve the Lord in full-time itinerant evangelism!  It is our desire to minister to churches and camps through solid Biblical preaching as well as soul-stirring, conservative, gospel music.  We want to increase Christ in every way possible, preaching His saving death to sinners and His saving life to saints.  We believe Christ is the only hope for this lost world but also for believers to live a victorious, abundant Christian life.

Please take a look through our site to get a better feel for who we are and what we believe.  If we could be of any help to your ministry, please feel free to contact us.  We want to come alongside the local church and be a co-laborer together to evangelize the lost and equip the saints.  Wherever you are at today, our prayer is that Christ would be increasing in your life!

He MUST Increase. . . . . . .

Will, Alanna, Haileigh, Dominyck