Evangelist Will Geiseman

April 2019

Even though the first few months of this year looked quiet as far as traveling goes, we have still kept plenty busy with various things. After a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s and more recent kidney failure, Alanna’s dad passed away at the end of January. Thus, we headed down to Oklahoma for the funeral and to be with family. What a blessing that all of her sibling’s were able to be there and spend several weeks together. Back home here in Illinois, I have been filling in at our home church for a good part of February and March as our Pastor continues to recover from his stem cell transplant for his bone cancer. We have enjoyed being home and ministering among our precious church family!

We recently encountered a bit of a discouraging season for us as a family; we had to cancel a meeting in Minnesota at the end of March because, well, my back just went and completely gave out! For the last several months I have dealt with two bulging discs in my back that has caused nerve pain down my right leg. For the most part it has been manageable; but a few weeks ago as I was carrying my son’s car seat, I felt my leg just give out from me. There were several days that I had severe pain in both my back and leg, and, frankly, I just couldn’t move! We were so disappointed that we couldn’t make it to our meeting, but we know God’s ways are best even when we don’t understand. My mobility and pain level has been slowly improving, but I will still have to continue treatments/therapy for quite some time. Would you pray with us that God would give us strength through this time and would bring a healing touch to my back? Pray as well that I would not squander the lessons that my Heavenly Father is trying to teach me.

This month we will still be filling in here at home, and then we will head out in mid-May to be at a church in Virginia and then a meeting in North Carolina. Thank you for your interest in and prayers for our ministry – may Christ continue to be increased in all we say and do!