Evangelist Will Geiseman

April 2021

Hello to all and Happy Spring to you! I hope you are taking some extra time to reflect on our Savior’s death and resurrection in this Easter season. He truly is the only hope and answer for lost mankind today. Sorry it has been a while since our last update, but as I know all of you can testify – life happens! It seems like time is passing more quickly and there is always an abundance of things on the “to do” list. Our family is doing well – everyone is healthy and strong. The kids are growing like crazy and keeping us busy. Our home church here in Rockford continues to press forward amidst all the craziness of our world. We have seen God do some good things recently, as our people seem to be genuinely growing in the Lord. We are excited about upcoming events on the schedule and more opportunities of reaching out to our community.

Our itinerant schedule has really slowed down due to Covid and some other factors. We are still confident God has called us into this revival/evangelism ministry, and we are looking to Him as our expectation (Ps.62:5). I am going to be making another push pretty soon to try and get more exposure for our ministry. Would you pray with us that God would open the right doors that He knows we need?

Also, I have started writing a monthly article on Christian living for the resourceful website: www.soundtradition.org There are many helpful articles that would be an encouragement to you I know. Please check it out and share with others.

God bless and keep pressing forward for Jesus!