Evangelist Will Geiseman

Great Weeks Of Camp!

We just returned from Ramey, PA, where we had the privilege of ministering at Servant’s Heart Camp for two weeks – what a blessing to finally see the camp in person and witness the wonderful way God is using brother Jim Fry and the staff there! We watched God give many spiritual victories in both the teen and junior week. I dealt with a teen girl one night for almost an hour regarding salvation, and it was neat to see the Spirit of God open her eyes to the answer of Christ and simple faith in Him. She cried out to God for almost 10 minutes asking Him to save her; it was one of the most sweet and genuine prayers I have ever heard!

We had other kids saved, others make surrender decisions, others call home to their parents to confess sins – God truly did an amazing work! I wish each of you could have been there to hear the testimony time at the end of each week, as many young people gave evidence of their sensitivity to the Lord and wanting to obey Him. These two weeks greatly encouraged my heart in seeing God is not done working in the hearts of people! Oh, another added blessing was that Haileigh and Dom got to be campers for the Junior week – needless to say, they were extremely happy about that and had a real blast!

We were also able to minister in two churches in the area on the different Sunday’s; much thanks to the Cromwell United Bible Church in Three Springs, PA, and the First Baptist Church of Limestone, PA, for taking care of us and allowing us to serve with them. We had great Sunday’s in both these places. I guess I’m just trying to say not only is it such an honor, but it is so much fun to serve the King of Kings! May all of us be faithful in serving Him no matter where we are!