Evangelist Will Geiseman

March 2018

The Lord blessed us with two wonderful meetings back-to-back at the end of March.  First, we were with Pastor James McGowin and the Westmoreland Independent Baptist Church in Colonial Beach, VA.  It was a blessing to minister to these precious believers and we saw God work in hearts each service.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel the last service due to a snow storm, but we trust God’s purpose in everything.  An added blessing for our family was to visit George Washington’s birthplace!  We love to be able to see neat places as we travel across the country.

We then headed to the small town of Casey, IL, and had a meeting at the Grace Bible Church with Pastor David Snow.  Though this is a small work, the people were very gracious and hospitable, and, more importantly, they were very receptive to the Word of God.  We had one man respond for salvation after the Sunday morning service, and although I don’t believe his understanding is where it needs to be, I believe he is genuinely seeking and I trust he will soon come to know Christ!  The Pastor and I had another good talk with a man who has been prayed for for many years; he did not accept Christ but I pray that God would give the increase very soon!  What a blessing to be used of God to point others to Him!

We will stay in Illinois this month of April but we will keep busy going around.  We have two revival meetings and two pulpit supply’s.  We covet your prayers as we continue to increase Christ in this increasingly dark world.

“Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ” –          2 Cor.2:14