Evangelist Will Geiseman

Recent Meetings

The Lord certainly blessed in our last two meetings in October.  We enjoyed being with and ministering to the precious folks of the First Baptist Church in Rochelle, IL.  It was so good to see and catch up with those we already knew, and then it was good to make some new friends!  I sensed the Spirit’s liberty in each service, and from the hands raised and the comments made I know God was working in many hearts.  The last night three hands were raised for salvation; while no one made a decision that night, I trust that the Lord will give an increase in each heart very soon!

A special blessing of the meeting for me was going with the Pastor to visit three different individuals who have cancer, and two are very close to going home.  To see these saints’ peace and trust in the Lord was very encouraging and was something I needed to help keep life in perspective.  I will remember those visits for a long time!

After our meeting in Rochelle, we then headed southeast to the little town of Sanford, VA, where we spent the week with my best friend and his family at the Hall’s Chapel Church.  Pastor Tarr has been there for just over a year now, and while it is a smaller work I can tell it is definitely headed in the right direction.  The church people were very sweet and we had good services each night, with the people again making comments of how God was working in their lives.

Another blessing of the trip was taking our kids to the ocean for the first time!  You can of course imagine how much they enjoyed that (us big kids too!).  We were all powerfully reminded of what an awesome and majestic God we serve!

Although our meetings are done for the year, we will still keep busy moving around; we fly out to the European country of Moldova on November 18.  We will be there for a few weeks visiting Alanna’s sister and brother-in-law who are missionaries.  Once we get back in early December, we will have a few weeks home before heading to Oklahoma to be with Alanna’s parents for Christmas.  Thank you for your prayers for our ministry; we trust you will have a wonderful holiday season increasing Christ to all those around you.  I will catch back up with you in the new year and let you know what God has in store for us in 2019!