Evangelist Will Geiseman

It has been our joy to have worked with a young man who has the definite call of God upon his life to reach the lost and see believers spiritually revived. Brother Geiseman has served our congregation for six years now, and our people have cherished him and his family. We have not only seen him serve as a faithful assistant, but he has also demonstrated his ability to serve the people of his church with a humble spirit. Besides demonstrating an outstanding ability to communicate through his solid preaching style, he is also a talented soloist and is appreciative of good, conservative, soul-stirring Gospel music. Let me say that you will note immediately, if you choose to use this brother, that he is mature in the Word far beyond his years, and your people will not be disappointed”.

Pastor Terry Pergl – Memorial Baptist Church, Rockford, IL

I have had the privilege of knowing Will and Alanna Geiseman for a few years now. Will preached two years consecutively at our annual teen event, The Teen Challenge. When I think of Will I think of a hard worker and a prayer warrior. He came out each year to help us hand out brochures and invite teens to the Challenge, and then preached each night. On the last night of the Challenge, Will came one hour early just so we could spend some time in prayer for the teens. God worked through the preaching and some teens were saved and others made personal decisions in their lives. Will is someone who goes the extra mile and he does so joyfully. His wife, Alanna, is very supportive and encouraging. Will and Alanna, much like Aquila and Priscilla, make a great gospel team. They will be a tremendous blessing and an encouragement for you personally, and for your ministry.”

Pastor David Neal – First Baptist Church, Fort Atkinson, WI

I am pleased to recommend Will Geiseman to do the work of an evangelist in the local church. During his college years at Ambassador Baptist College, he was trained in the philosophical and practical aspects of evangelism. After several years of local church ministry, I know that he has been further prepared to be a blessing to local churches. If you are looking for an evangelist who has faithfully served in the local church and has a love for souls, I hope you will consider Brother Geiseman.”

Dr.Alton Beal – President, Ambassador Baptist College

Will and I grew up in the same state, attended the same Bible college and even found brides from the same family. Being brother-in-law to him has allowed me to observe him in a variety of family and church settings. Those numerous interactions have given me a unique and close look into his heart and character. I have seen that his desire for the Lord and for the ministry extends far past the pulpit or the walls of a church building. His relationship with Jesus Christ and his love for preaching His Word are frequent topics of discussion and his actions match his words. I personally have been challenged in my chats with him and appreciate his initiating spiritual conversations in our family. I hope you will consider giving he and his family the opportunity to be an encouragement to your ministry. I am pleased to give my full recommendation and am eager to see how the Lord uses them in itinerant ministry.”

Jacob Hughes – missionary to Soroca, Moldova

An evangelist is one whom God has called and gifted to specialize in the “evangel”—the Gospel! The Gospel includes justification by grace through faith in Christ alone and sanctification by grace through faith in the same Jesus. The former is the Gospel to sinners and the latter is the Gospel to the saints.  I am pleased to announce a new evangelist entering the field who understands both dimensions of the Gospel. Will Geiseman has been an assistant pastor at the Memorial Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois, pastored by my good friend, Pastor Terry Pergl. God has gifted this man with ability to articulate liberating truth. His message is right on target with what really counts. May the Lord continue to bless and use this man and his family in the cause of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist John Van Gelderen – Revival Focus Ministries