Spring Meetings

Well, it’s hard to believe we’re in March already! Time keeps flying by and what must be done for Christ must be done now. The world has numerous problems and challenges, but God is still greater and is still in the business of saving souls and conforming them to the image of His Son. Praise Him for the part we have in His program!

Our family has had a good few months at home and we are now preparing to hit the road for our Spring meetings. Starting March 20, we’ll have 6 out of 7 Sunday’s being in different churches, 5 of those revival meetings. For a relatively young guy still in evangelism, I am thrilled with that! We have two meetings here in Illinois, and then one in Pennsylvania, one in Nebraska, and then one in South Dakota. God has been so good to us in opening doors, and we are excited to minister in these churches for the glory of God. Would you pray that God would bless these meetings with a special touch from heaven? We greatly desire to see people saved and Christians growing closer to Christ.

Thank you for your interest in our ministry. May we all continue to be faithful to God and His Word in these weary and wicked days. Keep your eyes on the skies – Jesus is coming soon!