Evangelist Will Geiseman

Three Exciting Weeks!

The month of June kept us very busy with three straight weeks of ministry opportunities.  I am still trying to physically recover after all the long days and nights!  I’m certainly not complaining, as it is such a privilege to serve the Lord and His grace is always sufficient when we are weak.  The first week we were busy at our home church with VBS.  We had a good number of kids and saw at least one profession of faith.  There were many other kids who had no church background and it was a blessing to sow the seed of God’s truth in their hearts!

We then left home and headed to Kansas to preach at Challenge Christian Camp.  This week was a special treat for us in many ways.  Alanna grew up attending this camp and it was a blessing to her to see many of the Pastors she has gotten to know so well.  It was a treat for me because I got to do a lot of what I love to do – preach!  I spoke four times a day to different age groups, and the Lord was certainly working in hearts.  There were three kids that I know of who trusted Christ as Savior, and many other surrender type decisions were made.  What a joy to hear many of the campers give testimony the last night of what God had done in their lives!

The week was a blessing for Haileigh as she got to be a camper, and it was a blessing for Dom because he trusted Jesus as His Savior!  He wanted to talk to me one night after the service, and it was evident that he was ready to be saved.  We thank God for our children and their personal decisions to trust Christ!

We then quickly headed back to Illinois because I had to be at the First Baptist Church in Pecatonica, IL, to be a part of their VBS and teen week.  God again blessed with a good attendance and good liberty in preaching to the teens.  It was a blessing spending some time with my former youth leaders and thinking back on the work God has done in my life; now being able to influence the next generation is such a humbling thing.  All glory to God!

Apart from a few pulpit supply’s, the next few months will be relatively quiet as far as traveling goes, but not quiet at our house!  Yes, that’s because my wife is due at the end of this month with our third child (and first baby!)  We look forward to sharing in the next post about our new arrival!  God bless you all and keep pressing forward!