Upcoming Meetings

We have enjoyed being home the last few months and just serving in our home church. But the itch to preach is starting to take over, and we are ready to get back on the road! We have 3 meetings in the next 5 weeks, for which we are extremely grateful to the Lord. We are excited to see what God is going to do, and we are just happy to be along for the ride!

This Sunday we start at Believer’s Baptist Church in Warsaw, IN. Then we will be moving on to a work in Galesburg, IL, and then the first week in November we will be at a church just south of Pittsburgh, PA. Would you pray that we would experience a fresh breath from heaven in each of these meetings? May you all enjoy this Fall season and be found faithful in serving our precious Savior!

Great Weeks Of Camp!

We just returned from Ramey, PA, where we had the privilege of ministering at Servant’s Heart Camp for two weeks – what a blessing to finally see the camp in person and witness the wonderful way God is using brother Jim Fry and the staff there! We watched God give many spiritual victories in both the teen and junior week. I dealt with a teen girl one night for almost an hour regarding salvation, and it was neat to see the Spirit of God open her eyes to the answer of Christ and simple faith in Him. She cried out to God for almost 10 minutes asking Him to save her; it was one of the most sweet and genuine prayers I have ever heard!

We had other kids saved, others make surrender decisions, others call home to their parents to confess sins – God truly did an amazing work! I wish each of you could have been there to hear the testimony time at the end of each week, as many young people gave evidence of their sensitivity to the Lord and wanting to obey Him. These two weeks greatly encouraged my heart in seeing God is not done working in the hearts of people! Oh, another added blessing was that Haileigh and Dom got to be campers for the Junior week – needless to say, they were extremely happy about that and had a real blast!

We were also able to minister in two churches in the area on the different Sunday’s; much thanks to the Cromwell United Bible Church in Three Springs, PA, and the First Baptist Church of Limestone, PA, for taking care of us and allowing us to serve with them. We had great Sunday’s in both these places. I guess I’m just trying to say not only is it such an honor, but it is so much fun to serve the King of Kings! May all of us be faithful in serving Him no matter where we are!

June 2019

What a wonderful time we had on our most recent trip! Preaching at churches, spending time with family and friends, and being able to do some neat things were just some of the blessings we enjoyed. We preached on Sunday, May 19, at Good News Baptist in Chesapeake, VA. Pastor Mike Ascher grew up at my home church here in Illinois, and so it was a real joy to be able to reconnect with him. The church people were so friendly and were an easy crowd to preach to. The Lord gave us a wonderful day and many folks indicated that God was working in their hearts.

The next week we had a revival meeting in Henderson, NC, at the church that my Grandfather pastored for many years. My Uncle is now leading the church and doing a fine job continuing the work in that community. Needless to say, it was very special for me to be able to hold meetings here. God blessed during the week with good liberty in preaching and tender hearts to receive the Word. We praise God for everyone who took care of us and graciously met every need we had. We were then able to preach the following Sunday at another sister church in the area, and we are so grateful for God’s people there who welcomed us and met our needs!

The Lord is so good in allowing us to do special things on our trips. We spent a few days in Williamsburg, VA. There is so much to see and do in this historical area that we couldn’t possibly do it all, but we did get to enjoy walking around colonial Williamsburg and going into some of the different buildings. The kids especially liked the carriage ride we took around the town!

On our way back home we stopped at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in Kentucky. What a blessing that two different individuals we’ve come across in our travels gave us free passes for both of these attractions! We very much enjoyed going through the Ark and the Creation Museum and learning more about the greatness and power of our awesome God! I encourage every believer to make the effort to go see these God-glorifying places.

We are back home for several weeks before we head to Pennsylvania for camp ministry in July. Thank you all for your prayers and interest in our ministry – keep pressing forward for Christ!

April 2019

Even though the first few months of this year looked quiet as far as traveling goes, we have still kept plenty busy with various things. After a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s and more recent kidney failure, Alanna’s dad passed away at the end of January. Thus, we headed down to Oklahoma for the funeral and to be with family. What a blessing that all of her sibling’s were able to be there and spend several weeks together. Back home here in Illinois, I have been filling in at our home church for a good part of February and March as our Pastor continues to recover from his stem cell transplant for his bone cancer. We have enjoyed being home and ministering among our precious church family!

We recently encountered a bit of a discouraging season for us as a family; we had to cancel a meeting in Minnesota at the end of March because, well, my back just went and completely gave out! For the last several months I have dealt with two bulging discs in my back that has caused nerve pain down my right leg. For the most part it has been manageable; but a few weeks ago as I was carrying my son’s car seat, I felt my leg just give out from me. There were several days that I had severe pain in both my back and leg, and, frankly, I just couldn’t move! We were so disappointed that we couldn’t make it to our meeting, but we know God’s ways are best even when we don’t understand. My mobility and pain level has been slowly improving, but I will still have to continue treatments/therapy for quite some time. Would you pray with us that God would give us strength through this time and would bring a healing touch to my back? Pray as well that I would not squander the lessons that my Heavenly Father is trying to teach me.

This month we will still be filling in here at home, and then we will head out in mid-May to be at a church in Virginia and then a meeting in North Carolina. Thank you for your interest in and prayers for our ministry – may Christ continue to be increased in all we say and do!

Outlook For 2019

Happy New Year to everyone!  We trust you all had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.  We enjoyed our two trips at the end of the year – our international trip to Moldova to spend Thanksgiving with Alanna’s sister and brother-in-law, and then our stateside trip to Oklahoma to spend with Alanna’s parents and other siblings for Christmas.  We praise the Lord for safety and strength with the many miles traveled, and for the great memories made with family.

The beginning of 2019 will keep us around home and ministering at our church.  Our Pastor has bone cancer and is going through treatments, and so I will be filling the pulpit several times, especially after he has his bone marrow transplant sometime in February.  We are grateful the Lord worked it out that we can be here and be a help as needed.

Would you please pray that the Lord would continue to fill our schedule for later in the year?  We are thankful for the doors that have already opened, but we are eagerly looking to God to bring in more opportunities.  Please check out our itinerary and be praying for the meetings we have!

May we all look to Christ in 2019 and be busy about His service!

Recent Meetings

The Lord certainly blessed in our last two meetings in October.  We enjoyed being with and ministering to the precious folks of the First Baptist Church in Rochelle, IL.  It was so good to see and catch up with those we already knew, and then it was good to make some new friends!  I sensed the Spirit’s liberty in each service, and from the hands raised and the comments made I know God was working in many hearts.  The last night three hands were raised for salvation; while no one made a decision that night, I trust that the Lord will give an increase in each heart very soon!

A special blessing of the meeting for me was going with the Pastor to visit three different individuals who have cancer, and two are very close to going home.  To see these saints’ peace and trust in the Lord was very encouraging and was something I needed to help keep life in perspective.  I will remember those visits for a long time!

After our meeting in Rochelle, we then headed southeast to the little town of Sanford, VA, where we spent the week with my best friend and his family at the Hall’s Chapel Church.  Pastor Tarr has been there for just over a year now, and while it is a smaller work I can tell it is definitely headed in the right direction.  The church people were very sweet and we had good services each night, with the people again making comments of how God was working in their lives.

Another blessing of the trip was taking our kids to the ocean for the first time!  You can of course imagine how much they enjoyed that (us big kids too!).  We were all powerfully reminded of what an awesome and majestic God we serve!

Although our meetings are done for the year, we will still keep busy moving around; we fly out to the European country of Moldova on November 18.  We will be there for a few weeks visiting Alanna’s sister and brother-in-law who are missionaries.  Once we get back in early December, we will have a few weeks home before heading to Oklahoma to be with Alanna’s parents for Christmas.  Thank you for your prayers for our ministry; we trust you will have a wonderful holiday season increasing Christ to all those around you.  I will catch back up with you in the new year and let you know what God has in store for us in 2019!

Iowa Meeting

God gave us a wonderful meeting at Ottumwa Baptist Temple in Ottumwa, IA, this past week!  We thoroughly enjoyed our time meeting and ministering to these sweet folks.  We started the week with an Old-fashioned Sunday!  Many people got into it by dressing up, there were horse rides for the kids, a sawing contest for the men, and, my personal favorite, a pie-baking contest!  It was a special way to start off the week; you know, revival does have an old-fashioned flavor to it!

The response throughout the week was tremendous; it was obvious that God was working in hearts as there were folks at the altar every service.  My prayer is that God would continue His reviving work in lives, and that there would be much fruit that would be produced as a result of what God did.

We begin a meeting on October 14 at First Baptist Church in Rochelle, IL, and then it’s off to Virginia for another meeting at the end of the month.  We are continuing to adjust with having a little baby around now; he is doing well and we are beginning to get more sleep at night!  Would you pray with us for safety and strength in the coming weeks, and that God would continue to be glorified through our lives?  Thank you and God bless!


Three Exciting Weeks!

The month of June kept us very busy with three straight weeks of ministry opportunities.  I am still trying to physically recover after all the long days and nights!  I’m certainly not complaining, as it is such a privilege to serve the Lord and His grace is always sufficient when we are weak.  The first week we were busy at our home church with VBS.  We had a good number of kids and saw at least one profession of faith.  There were many other kids who had no church background and it was a blessing to sow the seed of God’s truth in their hearts!

We then left home and headed to Kansas to preach at Challenge Christian Camp.  This week was a special treat for us in many ways.  Alanna grew up attending this camp and it was a blessing to her to see many of the Pastors she has gotten to know so well.  It was a treat for me because I got to do a lot of what I love to do – preach!  I spoke four times a day to different age groups, and the Lord was certainly working in hearts.  There were three kids that I know of who trusted Christ as Savior, and many other surrender type decisions were made.  What a joy to hear many of the campers give testimony the last night of what God had done in their lives!

The week was a blessing for Haileigh as she got to be a camper, and it was a blessing for Dom because he trusted Jesus as His Savior!  He wanted to talk to me one night after the service, and it was evident that he was ready to be saved.  We thank God for our children and their personal decisions to trust Christ!

We then quickly headed back to Illinois because I had to be at the First Baptist Church in Pecatonica, IL, to be a part of their VBS and teen week.  God again blessed with a good attendance and good liberty in preaching to the teens.  It was a blessing spending some time with my former youth leaders and thinking back on the work God has done in my life; now being able to influence the next generation is such a humbling thing.  All glory to God!

Apart from a few pulpit supply’s, the next few months will be relatively quiet as far as traveling goes, but not quiet at our house!  Yes, that’s because my wife is due at the end of this month with our third child (and first baby!)  We look forward to sharing in the next post about our new arrival!  God bless you all and keep pressing forward!

Souls Saved!

Praise the Lord for His working that we have seen in the last several weeks!  April was both a busy and an exciting month!  I was preaching somewhere four out of the five Sunday’s.  I filled the pulpit at two different churches the first and last Sunday of the month, and we had two revival meetings in between.  We were privileged to be with the Calvary Baptist Church in Urbana, IL, for a half-week, and the Lord gave us wonderful services.  On Sunday morning we had a college student from the Congo named Joseph who walked the aisle and told the Pastor he wanted to accept Christ as His Savior!  Though he didn’t understand much English, he knew and communicated that he wanted to trust Jesus and he did.  We learned he was a former Muslim who converted to some type of Protestant faith, but now he is born again!  We heard many positive comments of the Lord’s working in other peoples lives as well for which we give all glory to God.

We then traveled to Lewistown, IL, and had a meeting with the First Baptist Church and Pastor Eric Sawyer.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this group of believers, and I believe God was working in hearts there too.

On another note, I heard from a Pastor we were with in March that one of the men we shared the gospel with finally trusted Christ alone as His personal Savior!  I know we are to just be faithful in sowing the seed, but it is such a blessing to see when God gives the increase in lives!

We are home for the month of May, and then off to a camp in Kansas in June.  God bless each of you as you serve Him faithfully!

Rom.8:37 – “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us”