March 2018

The Lord blessed us with two wonderful meetings back-to-back at the end of March.  First, we were with Pastor James McGowin and the Westmoreland Independent Baptist Church in Colonial Beach, VA.  It was a blessing to minister to these precious believers and we saw God work in hearts each service.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel the last service due to a snow storm, but we trust God’s purpose in everything.  An added blessing for our family was to visit George Washington’s birthplace!  We love to be able to see neat places as we travel across the country.

We then headed to the small town of Casey, IL, and had a meeting at the Grace Bible Church with Pastor David Snow.  Though this is a small work, the people were very gracious and hospitable, and, more importantly, they were very receptive to the Word of God.  We had one man respond for salvation after the Sunday morning service, and although I don’t believe his understanding is where it needs to be, I believe he is genuinely seeking and I trust he will soon come to know Christ!  The Pastor and I had another good talk with a man who has been prayed for for many years; he did not accept Christ but I pray that God would give the increase very soon!  What a blessing to be used of God to point others to Him!

We will stay in Illinois this month of April but we will keep busy going around.  We have two revival meetings and two pulpit supply’s.  We covet your prayers as we continue to increase Christ in this increasingly dark world.

“Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ” –          2 Cor.2:14


February 2018

We had a very enjoyable Christmas and New Years here at our home church. The Lord allowed me to preach at a Spanish church in the area for their teen Christmas party which was a real blessing.  January was pretty quiet as far as traveling to other churches – I was able to do one pulpit supply the last Sunday of the month.  I also did a mini Sunday school series at our home church concerning the greater works that we desperately need to see!

We have just got back home after being gone back-to-back weeks.  We were with Pastor Dan Stertz and the Bible Baptist Church of Hudson, WI, for a week of meetings and what a blessed time it was!  We had a wonderful time of  ministering to and getting to know those precious folks.  God gave us good services each night and we pray that the seed of His Word would continue to grow in hearts!

We left Wisconsin, had a quick 2 days home in Rockford, and then left again for my grandmothers funeral in North Carolina.  It was an honor to be able to sing with my siblings and then also preach the service along with my cousin.  Grandma and Grandpa had a huge influence on me towards going into ministry and I will forever be grateful!

We have a few weeks now at home before back-to-back revival meetings at the end of March .  Thank you for your prayers and support of our ministry.  God bless and keep on the firing line!

John 9:4 – “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work”

End Of Year Update

The Lord certainly blessed us with a very profitable October and November!  In October we ministered in music and preaching all day Sunday at churches in Oak Lawn, IL, and Milledgeville, IL, as well as preaching at our home church.  God gave us good services with many hearts being touched by the Word.

I preached a revival meeting a few years ago, but in the first week of November we had our first official one since we launched out full-time!  We were at the Perryopolis Baptist Church in Perryopolis, PA, and what a tremendous week God gave us!  It was wonderful to see decisions made in every single service and many spiritual victories that God wrought.  We had a testimony time the last night and my heart was thrilled to hear how the Lord was working in the lives of His people.  The church family was so sweet and took great care of us – we couldn’t have asked for a better first meeting!

We were at three other churches the rest of November for pulpit supply, and again, it was a blessing to meet more of God’s people and minster to them.  Alanna also had the privilege the other night to speak for a church at a Ladies Tea, which was a good opportunity and experience for her.

As of now our schedule has quieted down and we look forward to being here at our home church for the Christmas season and partaking in all the special activities.  Our expectation is from the Lord to continue to fill our schedule for next year as He sees fit.  Thank you for your prayers and may you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

September 2017 Update

We started September preaching a back to school two day retreat for a Christian school in Pekin, IL.  The Lord blessed with good liberty and good decisions made.   I always enjoy preaching to teenagers as I am not that far removed from being one!  I pray God would continue working in the lives of the kids in Pekin, and that He would raise up another generation of servant’s for Him!

The rest of September kept us busy as I had a place to preach each of the four Sunday’s.  I filled the pulpit twice for a church in Harrison, IL, and then also preached two Sunday’s at my home church in Rockford as my Pastor was out of town for different things.  I am grateful to the Lord for these opportunities and we had wonderful services each week.

This past Saturday we ministered in music and preaching at a church banquet in Milledgeville, IL.  What a blessing to be with Pastor Farmer and his sweet folks.  God gave us a wonderful evening and I trust the Lord used His Word in the hearts of the people.

We even fit in a small vacation to Branson, MO, in the middle of September which we all enjoyed!  I will be preaching 3 out of 5 Sunday’s in October at 3 different churches, and then we have a half-week revival meeting in Pennsylvania the beginning of November.  God is continuing to open doors and we praise Him and look forward to these next few months of ministry!  Would you please pray with us that Christ would be increased everywhere we go?  Thank you and God bless!

Wonderful Start To August!

The first few weeks of August kept us very busy as we moved from place to place!  We had a tremendous junior camp at Camp Joy in Wisconsin, as several kids were saved and many others made good decisions concerning their walk with the Lord.  This was my first time speaking at a Christian camp and what a fun and blessed experience it was!

The following Sunday we filled in at a church in Geneva, IL, and had a wonderful morning service with those believers.  The next day we left for Ann Arbor, MI, to attend the Christ-Life Conference put on by Revival Focus Ministries and brother John Van Gelderen.  What a spiritually refreshing conference to be a part of!  It was a blessing to be preached to at least 4 times a day (and on the last day 5 times!).  This is the second year I’ve been to this conference and I came away again looking forward to next year already!

The next Sunday found us in Harrison, IL, doing pulpit supply for a church in need of a pastor.  These are sweet people and it’s a been a blessing to help fill in for them; we look forward to ministering more with them next month as well.

Please pray for us next week as I go to preach a back to school retreat/revival for a Christian school in Pekin, IL.  It has been wonderful to see God opening up some doors for us and we continue to look to Him for the future!