Evangelist Will Geiseman

What God Did!

Greetings on a rather chilly May day here in northern Illinois. I wanted to give an update on our Spring meetings that we have just come through; God did amazing things everywhere we went! We thoroughly enjoyed being at the Calvary Independent Baptist Church in the little town of Saltillo, PA – Pastor Dan Long and his family were so hospitable and gracious to us. It was a joy to minister to this church family and God worked in many hearts that week. We then had a single Sunday in western New York in the town of Delevan at the Elton Baptist Church. The people were so welcoming and friendly and we had wonderful services, with many indicating God was working in their lives.

Then it was back to Illinois where we had a tremendous meeting with Pastor Dave Anderson and the folks at Heritage Baptist in Roscoe – this church is about 30 minutes from our home and so it was an added blessing to sleep in our own beds this week! Many hands were raised throughout the week and the conversation after the services was so edifying – God is clearly working in revival here. The following Sunday found us in Urbana Illinois at Calvary Baptist Church – our third meeting here with Pastor Olheiser and these sweet believers. We had great services, with 5-6 visitors coming during the week; it was neat to see some older saints, folks who had been in the church for years, humbling themselves and getting broken before God. You’re never too old to experience a time of refreshing from the Lord!

Our last Spring meeting was in Fremont, NE, with Pastor John McQueen and Liberty Baptist Church, and what a tremendous meeting it was! We had folks at the altar every service (which in itself does not indicate revival, but it is wonderful to see when folks humble themselves in that way), and many gave evidence throughout the week of the work God was doing in their hearts. On Friday night we had a special youth service after the main service, and one young man trusted Christ after pulling the Pastor aside and talking with him! It was a fantastic conclusion to the week.

We praise God for His many blessings showered upon us the last few months, and for the privilege of serving Him. Things don’t really slow down for us, as I am heading to Israel on May 22 with a group from Ambassador Baptist College. Then upon my return home we’ll have one week off, and then 5 out of the next 6 weeks I will be speaking in different VBS/Camp ministries. God has been so good in opening these doors for us, and we pray that He will be glorified and many souls will be drawn to Him.

Thank you for your interest in and prayers for our ministry; God bless!