Evangelist Will Geiseman

Jesus – My Victory, My Life, My All

Inspired by the plea in John 12:21, ‘We would see Jesus,’ this book addresses the 21st-century church’s spiritual need to encounter Jesus beyond a future Savior. Many believers have glimpsed only aspects of His work, missing the fullness of His salvation. If you desire consistent victory, freedom from guilt, and a deeper Christian experience, this book encourages you to cry out to ‘see Jesus,’ recognizing that He is the essence of the Christian life.


Jesus – My Victory, My Life, My All

In John 12:21, some Greeks came to Philip and requested: “We would see Jesus.” Their request was for His physical presence, but in today’s 21st-century church, we need to see Jesus in a spiritual sense. This book aims to contribute towards that desperate need.

Many believers have only seen Jesus as their future Savior, and not the present One that He longs to be. They have seen Him in some aspects of His work, but have not yet discovered the fullness of His salvation.

Does consistent victory seem hopeless to you? Are you tired of feeling guilty, discouraged, defeated, and incapable of living God’s standard? Are you wanting to experience more of the Christian life as God intended? Then you must cry out to God to “see Jesus” – because He IS the Christian Life!

What Others Have Said

Jesus – My Victory, My Life, My All is an important read for Christians today. In this book, Brother Will Geiseman provides a simple and clear explanation of the believer’s position and provision in Jesus. Christians so often fail to see that in the very same way they were saved, they are also able to be practically sanctified and empowered to serve. This book has proved to be a great help to many of our church family in understanding the difference between self-dependence and dependence on Jesus Christ for victory and power in their Christian walk. This book will help you go from frustration to faith and from vice to victory. It is not about a program, a prescription, or your performance. It’s about a person, and His name is Jesus.

Pastor Jeremy Weary Faith Baptist Church, Belvidere, IL

The truths expounded in this book, Jesus: My Victory, My Life, My All are essential in understanding the Christ life. It is God’s plan for every believer to be conformed to the image of His Son. It is God’s will for Christ’s victorious, holy life to be lived in and through every child of God. I was stirred and challenged by this book. It is written in a very clear and easy to understand way. I have been giving this book away as a gift to my family and close friends. I highly recommend it!

Pastor Don Williams Hope Baptist Church, Warsaw, IN