Evangelist Will Geiseman

The Forever Lockdown

In the wake of the 2020 Coronavirus crisis, this book explores how God used adversity to spread the good news of Jesus worldwide. Drawing parallels to the pandemic’s impact, the author emphasizes the urgency of a spiritual lockdown that awaits those unfamiliar with Jesus. Whether you’re uncertain about your eternal destination or a fervent evangelist, ‘The Forever Lockdown’ delivers a powerful message, urging Christians to share the transformative truth to a world in need.


The Forever Lockdown

This book was born out of the CoronaVirus crisis in the spring of 2020. It was a time that affected all of our lives in one way or another. As is typical of our sovereign and good God, He took a bad virus and used even it to accomplish His eternal purposes. The good news of Jesus Christ was broadcast in great measure all over the world. People who were gripped by fear tuned in to watch live-streamed messages from churches. Folks found Bible-based podcasts to listen to. God wanted to get people’s attention, and many in the world slowed down long enough to hear His voice.

It is my belief that God still wants to get our attention. In this little book there is a big message – I believe the greatest message of all. There is another lockdown that awaits many people, a lockdown much worse than what Covid-19 did. It will be the final and forever lockdown for those who don’t personally know Jesus as Savior.

If you are unsure of your eternal home, this book is for you! If you are a Christian who has evangelistic fervor and loves sharing God’s Word, this book is for you! As God’s people, we have got to get truth into people’s hands! Jesus compares the Word of God to seed that is sown. It is time to be spreading the seed like never before! The Forever Lockdown is just another tool to put in your evangelistic toolbox.

What Others Have Said

It is not morality or neighborly deeds that will rescue culture from decline. It is not random acts of kindness that will redeem a fallen society. It is not new legislation that will mandate that a wayward generation find its way back from substance and relationship abuse. Something more serious than mere misguided opinions has warped the psyche of a “woke and relevant” population. Satan is attempting to position his antichrists into strategic footholds to seize control from his Creator. There is no “safe zone” from his hate and evil designs unless individuals accept Christ Jesus’ open invitation to life. This book leads us to see the face of God past the smothering smog of man’s industrious attempts at self-righteousness to an eternal view of true life.

Pastor Dan Tarr Halls Chapel Church, Sanford, VA

The Forever Lockdown is a book that every Christian should read. He won’t be reading it long before the thought will flash into his mind, “Every unsaved person should read this book!” The design of the cover and the title of the book gets people’s attention. As a pastor of a small church, I purchased 30 books for our people to purchase for themselves and to give out to others. It didn’t take long to be “sold out.”

Pastor Larry Karsies Harvest Hills Baptist Church – Yukon, OK