Evangelist Will Geiseman

Summer Update

It’s been a hot start to August here in northern Illinois! Regardless of the weather, it’s been wonderful to get back home and to rehearse all that God has done as we’ve ministered in Christian camps and local church VBS’s the last several weeks. We helped in two vacation Bible schools near home, and then spoke two weeks of summer camp at Servant’s Heart Camp in Ramey, PA, and then one week of camp at Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, NC. The Lord blessed in each venue, as we saw several kids saved, several receive assurance of salvation, and many others making great surrender decisions!

I was reminded not to take praying for safety in traveling for granted, as on two occasions in the last few weeks we ran into very heavy rain while driving, and we witnessed several accidents as a result. Our van felt like it was starting to hydroplane a few times, but God put a stop to it and protected us. We’re thankful that safety is of Him!

We are now home for the foreseeable future, and I have become the interim pastor at our church. We are still traveling as God opens doors, but our schedule is a little lighter this Fall. Would you pray that God would use us here to provide stability and direction in the days to come? We are eagerly anticipating what He has in store for us as a church. May the Lord bless you and find you faithful wherever you’re at!